10 Things to Know about Records and Information Management Services

Things you should know text written over colorful background.Are you considering having your documents and data professionally stored and managed? If so, here are ten things you should know about the very best records and information management (RIM) services. If you’re looking for a RIM provider, look for these important features:

1. RIM Professionals Receive Extensive Training

Trusting someone to handle your information isn’t easy. RIM professionals receive extensive training in HIPAA and HITECH compliance, disaster recovery planning, data breach notification, and much more. They are familiar with state and federal privacy laws and industry best practices that affect the retention and final disposition of documents and data.

2. Individual Files Can Be Barcoded

A RIM service not only barcodes your document storage boxes, they can also barcode your active files. Each file can receive a unique identifier and is scanned and tracked at every point during its retention lifecycle. This gives you the ability to have even individual, active files professionally managed.

3. Records Centers Are Built to Preserve and Protect Documents

Unlike a self-storage facility or warehouse, a state-of-the-art records center is designed exclusively for the protection and preservation of documents. Solidly constructed with concrete floors, walls and ceilings, it’s built to withstand extreme weather and natural disasters. Only background-screened and uniformed records management professionals are allowed access to the records center. Inside the facility, climate-controlled systems ensure temperature and humidity levels are constant. Advanced fire detection and prevention technology eliminates fire hazards, while state-of-the-art security systems prevent unauthorized access.

4. Offsite Storage Is More Cost-Effective Than In-House Storage

Leased office space is expensive. When you combine the cost of using office space to store your records with paying your employees to manage files, profitability takes a hit. Your documents can be stored and professionally managed in a secure records center at a much more affordable rate.

5. Your Documents Can Be Delivered Anytime

Did you know that with a full-service records and information management service, your documents and data are always available, even on weekends and holidays? Emergency courier services ensure seamless access to your information 24/7/365.

6. Not All RIM Companies Are NAID AAA Certified

For a professional shredding company to earn NAID AAA Certification, it must pass unannounced, ongoing audits that assess many aspects of their operation, including:

  • Employee background screening processes
  • Insurance requirements
  • Written security policies and procedures
  • Certified proof of shredding processes

Unfortunately, not all RIM companies that offer shredding services are NAID AAA Certified. Remember this when choosing a records and information management partner.

7. Not Every RIM Company Bales Its Own Paper

 Many RIM companies offering shredding services, then ship their shredded fiber to China and Mexico to get top dollar for it. This practice could put your information at risk. To prevent any chance of your information falling into the wrong hands, partner with a RIM company with its own baling operation. Ask whether your shredded paper will be recycled locally by a trusted partner.

 8. Some RIM Companies Outsource Document Scanning

Like companies who outsource the baling and recycling of shredded paper, a company who outsources the scanning of your confidential and proprietary records puts your business at risk.Have your documents digitized by a RIM provider who does the job themselves, keeping your records inside their facility during the scanning process.

9. Magnetic Media Is Sensitive to Environmental Factors

It’s true: even minor temperature and humidity fluctuations can permanently damage tapes and hard drives. So if your backup media isn’t stored in a data protection facility with fully-automated climate-control systems, you may lose valuable data. A records and information provider with a climate-controlled media vault can protect your valuable data for the long term.

 10. Old Digital Media Should Be Destroyed

Your digital media should be destroyed with the same vigilance you use when storing it. Deleting or reformatting a backup storage device doesn’t completely remove all data from all devices. If you’re serious about protecting your data, invest in a media destruction service.

When choosing a records and information management partner, keep these important factors in mind.

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