The DeVries Story

Our History in the Management of Information

Patrick DeVries

For over 25 years, DeVries Business Services has been active in providing our clients with valuable Records Management services. Susan and I originally began our family business by storing critical business records for our customers in the healthcare, banking and legal industries. Over time, our client list expanded to all types of businesses, large and small.

Today, DeVries Business Services is a multi-service company serving our business customers. Our mission is to provide exceptional and secure service standards to fulfill your needs in Document Management & Storage, Information Destruction, Secure Courier Service, and Commercial Moving.

We are Spokane natives with a long family history of business ownership to serve the Spokane region. During the turn of the last century, approximately late in the 1890’s my great grandparents settled in the area. One side of the family was heavily involved in agriculture in Otis Orchards operating a large apple growing operation for many years. They arrived on the land and spent several years clearing the soil in preparation for planting apple trees. During the several years it takes for tree to bear fruit, the family built a home, and began raising a family. Over the next several decades they grew and sold apples throughout the area becoming one of the major apple producers in the now defunct apple growing area of the Spokane Valley.

The other side of the family was involved in new technology. My grandfather operated a repair and auto parts business as cars came on the scene in the early part of the century. Prior to car repair my grandfather was employed in the delivery business and as cars were delivered to Spokane by rail, he was charged with figuring out how to drive and ultimately how to keep them running. He is sometimes credited with being the first auto mechanic in Spokane. Over the years my grandfather had many different auto related endeavors: Charging batteries before alternators; making his own car wax in a wringer washing tub as cars started coming in colors other than black; and ultimately selling auto part to the service stations in the region.

Today, serving the community and delivering exceptional service that upholds the strong values instilled by our ancestors in this region are the pillars we have built our company on. We feel strongly that it is our civic duty as business owners and citizens of Spokane to be involved in this wonderful community that we work and live in. We take our responsibility seriously and will work hard to provide our families, clients and team at DeVries the integrity driven service the family has nurtured over these many years in the region.

Patrick DeVries

Hear Our Story

Patrick DeVries was recently featured on a records management talk show called the RIMproReport.  In it he tells the story of DeVries. The actual interview starts at the 3:00 minute mark of the show.

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