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Every week we are helping businesses or residencies with a one-time purge of business records or personal and private records. Many businesses just do not generate enough documents for recurring scheduled services. But over time, statements, receipts and correspondence add up to a paper monster. You know that tiny little office shredder of yours is just not going to cut it. That’s when you need to call DeVries

Our shredding service is convenient and affordable. And our security is second to none. When you use our shredding service, you never need to remove staples, paperclips or rubber bands. We will shred it all in a matter of minutes. We just ask that you remove the 3-ring binders and reuse them if you can, and throw away the plastic grocery bags. We make it a simple and pleasurable experience to use our secure paper shredding service.

Most of our one-time purges turn into annual purges. Business or personal records just have a way of building up. You can always rely on us to quickly eliminate any mountain of paper that accumulates over time.  Simply give us a call when you are ready to clean out your file cabinets, basement or self-storage unit. We are happy to assist in keeping your personal and private information safe from competitors and reduce your risk from identity theft.

DeVries is the only locally owned shredding company that is NAID Certified, which means the most secure shred service for you. Call us today for a quote. Find out how easy and quick we can tackle your paper monster.

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