File Room Moves

Secured File Room Moves

Devries Business Services understands the importance of personal information and is dedicated to providing the most secure solutions during any type of file room move. As part of our success in providing secure and efficient service, all DeVries Business Services employees are trained and educated on HIPAA and are compliant with all current rules and regulations pertaining to PHI (Protected Health Information) confidentiality and privacy.

Devries Business Services crew is proficient in the use and management of our customer’s records and information. After all, we are a Records Storage company. You will always recognize a DeVries employee with their DeVries branded uniforms and photo ID badges clearly displayed. During the file room move, our records management crew will go above and beyond to make sure that all files stay in order during the load, transport, and re-shelving process. Additionally, our records management crew is always available to assist in redesigning your new file room, re-indexing or re-labeling any boxes that are needed, and assisting in the ordering and installing of shelves.

When your company is looking to relocate, expand, or rearrange its current file room; Devries Business Services offers a boxless solution for file transfers. Using the Machine Carts (file movers on wheels), we will be able to provide a quick and efficient way of transporting your files both in an organized manner and also in a very secure manner. Once placed on the Machine Carts, a black wrap will be used to secure the files and to keep all the information in transport, confidential.

DeVries offers specialized Machine Carts for:

  • Medical charts
  • Legal and letter files
  • X-rays charts
  • Data and media
  • All type of confidential information

Other secure Equipment available:

  • E-Crate Rentals
  • Security Tags
  • Black or clear shrink wrap 

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