Offsite Tape/Media Storage

Computer backup tapes for data recoveryThe perfect storage media hasn’t been invented yet. Until it is, your media needs to be stored in a way that protects your critical information.

In spite of recent technological advances in data storage media, ALL rewritable media is still vulnerable-to damage, degradation, security breach and ultimately, early demise. How your media is stored makes a BIG difference in how long it lasts and how well your vital information is preserved.

The usable life of storage media like tapes is greatly impacted by a number of environmental factors, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air quality

Excessive heat/cold, moisture/dryness and dust/dirt particles can all damage or destroy storage media, rendering it useless if the data it holds is needed. The key to preserving your media (and therefore, your data) is to find the right balance among the extremes for your particular storage media. And of course, to store your media in a way that protects it from other things that can damage it, like water, pests, fire or smoke and falling or having other things fall on it!

DeVries has the knowledge, systems and safeguards you need- safe, secure storage is what we do!

There are four factors that are essential to optimizing the preservation of your storage media and your data:

  • Media-specific knowledge – understanding what the requirements of any particular storage media are (and optimal conditions can vary widely among different types and brands of storage media)
  • Climate control capability- having the ability to control all aspects of the storage climate and maintain optimal atmospheric conditions consistently over time
  • Sound storage practices – having the shelving, containers and set-up to properly protect your media from other types of physical damage, and using them wisely
  • Stringent security measures – knowing how to safeguard your information security using strict security protocols and hiring only fully-screened, well-trained staff who are continuously monitored

Because we’re media storage specialists, DeVries knows all the details on the best storage conditions for every kind of storage media. We have state-of-the-art facilities that allow for pinpoint control of all atmospheric conditions, and our climate control systems are fully automated to maintain the right conditions regardless of the weather outside. We also have built-in fire and smoke protection, processes in place that cover every contingency, and 24/7 monitoring and surveillance that automatically alerts us if anything happens that could threaten your media.
We store all media in the safest way using the most current best practices, to ensure it is always protected against water damage by storing it safely on shelves, not at ground-level, and our shelving and containers are selected and inspected to add an additional layer of protection against damage from falling or shelf collapse.

And of course, we apply the same stringent security standards to protecting your data from security and confidentiality breach that we do for your physical records, to safeguard against any unauthorized access and minimize your exposure to compliance breach liability. Every member of our staff undergoes detailed background checks, signs a confidentiality agreement, is trained continuously in security-related best practices, and is carefully monitored on an ongoing basis.

Storing your media with DeVries is just smart business!

Off-site media storage from DeVries offers you better protection on all levels, to ensure your critical data and your storage media are as safe as they can be and last as long as possible. Please contact us today for more details on how our knowledge, facilities and practices can save you money on media and save your business from catastrophic data loss and compliance breach!

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