Why DeVries?

DeVries Business Services started as a Records Storage company over 25 years ago. Working closely with our customers, we recognized new opportunities to expand our services to meet our client’s challenges. Soon, we were a full service company offering courier service, on-site information destruction including paper and hard drives, media vaulting and rotation, document scanning services and office moves and reconfigurations. Assisting our customers with their challenges and recognizing new service opportunities that fit our core values has been our strength.

While many of our competitors are singularly focused on one line of service, we at DeVries clearly see the bigger picture. All of our services that we offer today are uniquely connected and broadens our expertise in Information Management to share with our clients. Key to our success and our customer’s satisfaction is our focus on technology, regulation compliancy, security and community involvement.


DeVries Business Services was not the first Records Storage service company to offer offsite storage in Eastern Washington/North Idaho. But we are definitely the innovators in the use of technology. While others in the Records Storage business service are more concerned with filling shelves with boxes, we help our customers manage their records with accuracy, quick access and compliancy.

Our records management system, Total Recall, tracks files, speeds up processing and gives our clients the ability to control the accuracy of their record identification information. Every box has a bar code. Bar coding and indexing at the file level is available, too. When the box arrives at one of our warehouses, it is scanned to the client’s database. At that moment, our clients have the ability to see what is in storage and track its movement. With Total Recall, we have the ability to scan a box at the time of pick up at the client location. This provides our clients with cradle to grave tracking through Total Recall Web.

Total Recall Web presents a convenient, direct link to the Total Recall database for the end-user and allows the ability to request items, view reports, query inventory and invoices and even edit record information. We made the investment in the technology so that our customers don’t have to.

Other Total Recall modules that are available to our clients for Managing their information:

  • Scan On Demand – Deliver client documents in minutes on-line. We pull your file, prep and scan it, and have it available digitally on Total Recall Web in minutes of your request.
  • Total Recall Fungible Module – We warehouse brochures, forms, office supplies and other products for our customers. The Fungible Module is designed to help clients to view product images, quantities in inventory, and place orders in real time.
  • Furniture & Equipment Storage – Just like our Fungible Module, we are able to warehouse office furniture and equipment allowing our customers to view product images, quantities in inventory and place delivery requests when you need it.
  • Total Recall Destruction – A complete solution for managing on-site or off-site shredding processes. With comprehensive bar code functionality, our Destruction software can manage bin locations at a customer’s site, record the time spent at a customer’s location, and maintain a complete history for all transactions.

HIPAA Compliancy

For our clients in the healthcare industry, they will always know where their charts are simply by using Total Recall Web. In fact, all of our customers regardless of what industry they are in will know if a file or box is in storage with DeVries or with an end user. If a file has been checked out, they will see the requester name and the check out date. Chain of custody reporting and accuracy is what you can expect from DeVries.

All of our employees are trained on HIPAA and HITECH compliancy and data breach notification. We meet every other month to discuss current and new regulations. All employees are provided with written policies and procedures and video presentation in their training. Each employee verifies they have viewed the training video, understand the written instructions, and agree that ongoing compliance is a condition of their employment.


Always on top of the check list of our clients is security. Whether it is Records Management & Storage, On-Site Shredding, Courier Service or Office Moves, security of service is a big concern for our customers.

Every employee at DeVries is subject to a seven year criminal and employment history background check and drug testing as condition of employment. They are trained in HIPAA compliancy whether they are handling Protected Health Information for storage, shredding, or transportation. Even our Office Movers are trained on HIPAA compliancy for moving our hospital, clinic or doctor office clients. PHI is never left unattended and all of our employees are trained on data breach awareness and notification.

DeVries Business Services is a NAID AAA Certified company. In fact, we are the only locally-owned shredding company that is NAID AAA Certified for paper shredding-and the only shredding company in our area that is NAID AAA Certified for both printed paper and computer hard drive destruction.

Our employees are under more scrutiny than non-NAID Certified companies. We are audited by NAID-subcontracted, independent auditors who have achieved their CCP (Certified Protection Professional) designation – the highest level of security management accreditation from ASIS International. Our employees, whether they are couriers, movers or on-site information shredders are professionally attired with photo ID badges clearly displayed.

Local Business, Family Owned and Operated

When you buy from an independent, locally owned business, rather than a national or regional business, significantly more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers – continuing to strengthen our economic base of the community. Corporate office’s profits are promptly exported to corporate headquarters, but ours stay here to re-circulate in our community.

We pride ourselves in being a local business and we purchase from local businesses whenever we can. All of our mobile shredders were purchased in Airway Heights. Our freight trucks and courier vans are purchased in Spokane. Our paper baler was purchased in Post Falls. Even our shredded fiber is recycled regionally in Yakima to produce apple cartons for Washington grown apples and newsprint of our local newspaper. We are high on regional sustainability, while low on our carbon footprint.

You will frequently see us partner with our customers in free community shred events all over the Inland Northwest. Every year we are in cities such as Moses Lake, Moscow, Cheney, Coeur d’Alene and Sandpoint providing free shred events to the communities. And of course we provide several free shred events in Spokane throughout the year.

Our Multi-Faceted Approach

Because we are not just a one dimensional service company, we do see the bigger picture. Our customers appreciate that we are able to offer bundled solutions and savings. And they appreciate the great care and customer service that they receive from all of our staff. So if you would like to know what DeVries can do for you, give us a call for any of the following:

DeVries Does it All!

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