Office Reconfigurations

Office Reconfigures:

Office ReconfigurationsEvery once in a while, you just got to move things around in the office. Whether you are adding or consolidating staff, increasing work flow productivity, or departmental reorganization, office reconfigurations happen. Determining the best way to reconfigure can be a challenge, but not for us. DeVries Business Services offers several valuable resources and tools to help you quickly and easily achieve your reconfiguring objectives.

If your goal is primarily to update your office layout and look with a professional touch, then DeVries is here to assist you. We assist in selecting products and plans that work to help maximize productivity and efficiency throughout you newly designed office pr workspace.  We will help you plan your new office reconfiguration, connect you with the optimal furniture choices for your new layout, and help facilitate your office transition from its current phase to your newly reconfigured office setup. Our services provide for an easy and comfortable move with assurance that quality service will be provided at all times throughout your new office transition.

Office Reconfiguration services provided:

  • Assistance in planning and prepping stages
  • Knowledge and ability in creating functional workspaces
  • Staging and setup of new or used furniture
  • Transfer of personnel contents to new office locations
  • 24/7 services provided everyday of the week to meet your needs

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