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View looking down an aisle of DeVries records center with many boxes stacked on warehouse shelvesIf you’re in business, you have records.

There’s no way around it – whatever industry you’re in, your business runs, at least in part, on the information your records contain, and that information is vital to your continued operation and success. Your records store critical data about your:

  • Customers or clients
  • Products or services
  • Business and financial transactions
  • Vendors and suppliers

You can’t run your business without it. So if you’re in business, you’ve got records, and the number of records you have will only increase over time.

If you have records, you need storage.

There’s no way around that, either – you have to put those records somewhere. In the beginning, you can keep all of your records close at hand-they don’t take up that much space, you’re on a limited budget, and it’s convenient having them all right there with you.

But at some point, storing and managing your records becomes a job unto itself. They take up more and more space, and they eventually start to eat into the space you need just to function. And your office space is expensive, so you’re paying top dollar for records storage space.

Suddenly, your records, which are the lifeblood of your business, have become a force you have to reckon with. They’re more difficult to keep track of and keep organized. It gets harder and harder to find what you need as old records swallow up the new and their numbers continue to multiply.

And if you’re in an industry that regulates how you store your records and requires you protect your customers’ information, the difficulty grows exponentially and your business’ very survival is at risk if you fail.

Sooner or later, storing and managing your records gets to be more than you can easily do yourself– the time and effort takes away from your primary business activities, and the risks of not doing it properly are too great to ignore. That’s when you know you need help.

That’s where we come in.

DeVries Business Services specializes in secure, compliant records storage for businesses in all types of industries throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. We store your records safely, freeing up more of your office space for the actual work you do, while still keeping your vital information conveniently available to you whenever you need it. Your records may be out of sight and out of mind, but they are always within reach on request.

We know compliance, inside and out.

How a Record Center Works Infographic

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Because we’re records storage specialists, we know all about and adhere to the strictest compliance and security protocols, no matter how stringent your particular sector’s requirements may be. Whatever your industry- healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, legal, accounting, retail, real estate or another-we’ve got you covered, and working with us will help reduce your risk of compliance breach and the associated penalties. We are always up-to-date on the latest compliance changes, and helping you meet your compliance goals is our top priority-it’s important to you, so it’s important to us.

Our facilities are secure and state-of-the-art.

Our storage facilities are solidly-constructed, with concrete floors, walls and ceilings, are well-lit and climate-controlled, and are extremely secure-we continuously monitor them 24/7 to guard against intruders, unauthorized access, fire, smoke and other atmospheric hazards. Your records will never be safer than they are with us, not even in your own office!

Let us protect YOU!

At DeVries Business Services, our business is protecting your business, by making sure your vital information is secure, preserved and always available to you. Please contact us today to learn more about our secure and compliant records storage services-let us take care of your records, so you can take care of your customers!

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