Workflow Scanning

Workflow Scanning: Maximum Efficiency at Minimum Cost AND No More Backlogs!

It’s hard enough to go through the process of getting organized and caught up once-it’s much easier to just stay that way than to dig out again every six months or so.  For our customers who want to make sure their records stay under control with minimal effort, DeVries offers Workflow Scanning.

You stay organized and efficient, your space is free of clutter, and your records are securely stored off-site, automatically.

Workflow Scanning is like cruise control for your records storage and digital conversion efforts-it integrates the transfer of your records to storage into your workflow, so transfers happen at regularly-scheduled intervals.  Records you no longer need at your fingertips but still need to hold on to for compliance or other reasons are stored securely out of your way, not taking up your limited office space.

Then, when you need it, your information is scanned-on-demand and delivered to you as digital files.

When you need something, all you have to do is email, call, fax or request it online.  We’ll quickly scan and deliver your digital files by email, online or on the media of your choice.  So while your records are stored off-site, they are still easily accessible upon request.

Best of all, you pay only for the conversion of the records you actually need, not every single one of them, which saves you money!

Organization, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and NO MORE backlog!

Workflow Scanning keeps you organized and ends the records backlog, because your information is automatically transferred to storage at the interval you specify– for many of our customers, their interval of choice is after 90 days, when the records are no longer in active use.

It’s efficient because you’re dealing with your records in small batches, not overwhelming piles, and you’re starting the process of converting to the convenience of digital files, which are much easier to transport and share.

It’s cost-effective because you only pay to scan what you actually need, and your storage and transfer costs are spread out over time.

To learn more about how DeVries Workflow Scanning can help you conquer your records backlog forever, keep you organized, increase your efficiency, and start you down the road to digital conversion quickly and cost-effectively, please contact us today!

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