Active File Management

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Active File Management with Total Recall and Zero Defects is a Reality with DeVries

Need to store active files off-site? Worried that having someone else manage your active files means they’ll be lost forever in the alternate universe where all those missing socks go when they disappear from the dryer?

Our Total Recall system is geared for a 100% Find-and-Retrieve Rate!

Good news! While there are additional challenges to managing active files, DeVries is up to the task- you don’t have to fear losing your active files when you store them with us. “Missing” doesn’t happen because we have Total Recall, our proprietary document management system that makes your records easy to find even when there’s lots of activity!

“Zero Defects” Means Exactly That – Bar-Coding and Scanning Gives Enhanced Inventory Control and Tracking

Because we use the latest tools and technology to track your records’ locations during storage and transfer, we know exactly where they are throughout the process. Our system automates our ability to track your boxes much like UPS tracks shipments-every box has a unique identifier, and they are scanned and tracked at each point along the way whether they are leaving storage or being returned to us, greatly reducing the possibility of records going missing.

Easy Requesting and Prompt, Secure Delivery Complete the Cycle

To round out our Active File Management services, we make it easy for you to request your records-via our secure online portal, email, fax or phone-so no matter how many times a day or week you need something, the process is easy for you to initiate. And our couriers are part of our team, so they deliver the same security and prompt, efficient, personal service you rely on us for when it comes to storing your records.

With the Right Systems, High Activity Levels CAN Be Effectively Managed – We’ll Show You How!

Managing active files DOES require some extra measures to keep them organized, but we are specialists with the resources to track a large volume of files and activity just as well as we do one box at a time. To learn more about the other benefits of our Total Recall system and how it can help YOU keep track of everything you’ve got going on with your records, please contact us today!

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