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Moving Supplies

Moving SuppliesAt DeVries Business Services, you can find all of the moving materials you need for your next move. We can provide you with boxes, E-Crates, labels, machine carts; you name it and we probably have it. But for the most enjoyable move, you have to try our E-Crates. They are about the same cost as a moving box, but you have to deal with a bunch of moving boxes after the move.

E-Crate/ IT-Crate Rentals:

Moving SuppliesDeVries Business Services works to provide your company with the most efficient resources possible to assist you in your next big move. Taking a box-less approach to packing up personal belongings during an office move saves time, money, and resources. DeVries Business Services has invested in a state-of-the-art E-Crate moving system that allows for quick and efficient packing and transportation of personal items.

Benefits of E-Crate Use:

  • All E-Crates are lockable, increasing security for sensitive materials
  • E-Crates are crushproof, and that means no damage to packaged contents
  • Elimination of the disposal costs and post-move clean-up time usually associated with cardboard boxes
  • Increases mobility for tight spaces, resulting in overall ease of use.

The  E-Crate System Works Like This:

  • Step1. An estimate and evaluation of items being transported will determine the amount of E-Crate necessary for the move.
  • Step 2. A professional member of the DeVries Business Services crew will deliver all E-Crates and moving items onsite to you with 24 hours notice or less, making it easy and convenient.
  • Step 3. Once E-Crates are onsite, they can be filled with personal items and set a side for pickup.
  • Step 4. Once items are ready to be taken, all E-Crate will be stacked Four-high with a set of dolly wheels on the bottom of the stack to assist in a rolling move.
  • Step 5. All E-Crate will then be transported and delivered onsite to the new location where they can be unpacked safely.
  • Step 6. Once all E-Crate are unpacked and emptied, upon customer’s request a professional member of the DeVries Business Service crew will arrive to retrieve all E-Crates and Moving items left behind.

Other Moving Items Offered:

  • IT-Crates- used for computer components and parts
  • IT-Crate Wheel Dollies- used to transport IT-Crates
  • E-Crate Wheel Dollies- used to transport E-crates
  • Hanger Bars- allows for files to be packed into E-Crates securely
  • Security Tags- offers security and privacy of personal contents
  • E-Crate Labels- used to identify E-crates for quick delivery and placement

Call us anytime about our moving supplies. We're always happy to assist you with you move!

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