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Scan-on-Demand: Your BEST Option for Convenience AND Cost Savings

Converting records to digital is a labor-intensive process that can be expensive if you convert everything at one time.  But sometimes you don’t need EVERYTHING all at once, you just need immediate access to a small subset (or even just one!) of your records.

For those times, DeVries’ Scan-on-Demand service is the perfect solution.  Scan-on-Demand is exactly what the name implies-we scan and deliver digital copies of your records in the way you want them, only when you request them.  So instead of a massive conversion, you only convert records and incur charges incrementally, as needed.

You get the biggest benefit of going digital-CONVENIENCE-right away!

  • Requesting your records is SIMPLE–  just send us an email, fax us or call us and we’ll pick up the records you want converted or scan records already in our custody
  • Delivery is FAST-you can access them online via our secure portal right after scanning, or we can email them to you (we’ll also deliver them to you on a CD or DVD if that’s what you prefer)
  • Secure sharing and collaboration is EASY- with our online portal, you control who has access, and multiple people can view records at the same time

You only pay for what you need, not the whole enchilada!

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using our Scan-on-Demand service is you only pay to scan the records you actually need as you need them, instead of scanning every single one of them, even some you’ll never end up needing, up-front.  That saves you money and enables you to amortize the cost of converting your records to digital over time!

Get the best of both worlds-the convenience of digital without the up-front conversion costs

Please contact us today to learn more about how our Scan-on-Demand service delivers the CONVENIENCE you want without the up-front cost you don’t-it really is the best option when you want to update your records storage capability flexibly and cost-effectively!

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