Conversion Scanning

Ready to take the plunge and go “paperless?”  Conversion scanning takes you there.  NOW.

There are so many benefits to going digital (“paperless”) when it comes to your records, that it’s easy to find a reason to take the plunge:

  • Better for the environment— less paper used means fewer trees killed and less paper waste in landfills
  • Saves money— on the cost of paper, printing supplies, filing supplies, and paper records storage
  • Preserves your information better, for longer— digital records, handled properly, don’t degrade the way paper does
  • Eliminates clutter-digital records don’t take up much, if any, physical space
  • Enhanced security-digitally-securing records gives you total access control, eliminating the possibility that anyone who just happens to be in physical proximity can see them
  • Easier collaboration-digital files can be viewed by multiple people all at the same time

When you’re ready to make the change, DeVries makes it easy to convert to digital!

It can look a little intimdating when you have cabinets and cabinets full of records to be scanned (or worse yet, rooms and rooms full!), but the right equipment and staff makes the process quick and easy.  DeVries has high-quality high-speed scanning equipment available that can quickly convert everything you have from paper to digital in no time!  And our staff is very efficient-we do this often, so we’ve streamlined the process.

Just call us— we’ll pick up your records, transport them securely to our state-of-the-art facility, carefully scan them, ensuring all of your critical data has been captured, and then securely destroy your hard copies.  We’ll even provide you with a certificate of destruction for compliance purposes that documents your records were handled properly and destroyed completely.

We’ll convert you before you know it-all you have to do is say the word.

Whatever the size of your conversion, from a few files to an entire room or more, please contact us today to learn more about how our conversion scanning will take you from paper-laden to paper-free in less time and with less hassle than you would think possible!

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