Ask These Questions before a Scanning Project

Question mark heap on table concept for confusion, question or solutionWhether it’s hiring new staff or buying new equipment, each business decision-making process deserves serious forethought. Considering whether to scan your documents is no different. Before undertaking a scanning project, we suggest that you ask yourself the following questions:

Q: Do I have the technology needed to scan my documents?

Desktop scanners are effective for scanning one document at a time, but not so great for scanning hundreds or thousands of files. For medium to large scanning projects, you would need a high-speed scanner costing thousands of dollars. Rather than scanning your documents in-house, it’s often more cost-effective to partner with a scanning company that uses its own scanning equipment and imaging technology.

Q: Where will I store my images?

A scanning project shouldn’t start before considering where to store your digital images. Will you need a central storage repository where multiple employees can access data? Will your digital images integrate with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system? Or do you need the flexibility of having your scanned documents on a portable hard drive? Make sure your digital images will merge with your preferred storage solution before starting your scanning project.

Q: Will my digital images be accessed often?

There’s no sense in scanning every document, especially if it’s infrequently accessed or kept for less than five years. If you’re looking for a solution that addresses your document storage concerns, consider a Scan on Demand solution. Your documents are securely stored in a records center until they reach their final disposition date. During that time, when or if a document is needed, it’s scanned and sent to you digitally. 

Q: Do I plan to dispose of my hard copies after scanning?

It’s equally important to consider what happens to your documents after scanning. Do you need to keep original copies for compliance requirements, or can you dispose of them? If it’s the latter, hire a qualified NAID AAA Certified shredding and destruction provider who can ensure confidentiality during destruction.

Q: Who is overseeing my scanning project?

It’s important to consider who’s managing your scanning project. If it’s a company employee, remember scanning project priorities may detract from other core responsibilities. An outsourced scanning solution offers reliable oversight and quality control without compromising internal resources.

Q: Will my information stay confidential during scanning?

Most scanning projects involve imaging confidential and sensitive files, so it’s imperative to maintain confidentiality during scanning. Avoid hiring temporary workers for scanning projects. Instead, make sure the individuals sorting, indexing, and converting your documents are background-screened, bonded, and professionally trained.

Answering these questions will help you make your document scanning project a success!

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