The Real Cost of Storing Your Files On Site

What is the Bottom Line?

A person's left hand is operating a calculator while their right hand is on a laptop keyboard.At the end of a home improvement project, have you ever discovered there were many unexpected or overlooked things that significantly increased the final cost? Or you want to take that quick getaway vacation, so you grab a hard-to-believe low-cost plane ticket only to realize it’s not a bargain after all because of the additional add-on expenses including baggage fees, seat selection, and taxes? The cost of doing things isn’t always what you initially believe. That’s why it’s so important to do your homework and calculate the bottom-line cost of what you are planning to do.

The same misconception is possible when it comes to the storage of your business records. If you are storing your files at your business location rather than partnering with a professional records management company, you may be surprised by the real cost of both on-site and off-site file storage of your documents. Here are a few things to consider when determining the actual cost for your business.


Have you ever calculated how much physical office space you are using to store your files rather than using that space for your primary business operations? On average, 50-70% of office space is used for filing and the storage of documents. If your business is growing and you feel you could use more space, the decision to move files offsite to a professional records storage may be the most affordable and simplest solution to increase your usable space. Moving, building, or renting additional space is often far more costly than using a records management service.


Does your facility protect your files so the possibility of theft, fire, water, temperature/humidity, or rodent damage is as minimal as possible? Are there are protective measures in place in the event of a disaster? A professional off-site records management facility offers this kind of protection in a secure building that is monitored 24/7. Improving your own facility so it has the same protection and security as a professional records management facility could be costly. What could be even more expensive is an information breach or a disaster of any size in your own facility. These have the potential to disrupt your ongoing business, drain your business finances and ruin your company’s reputation.


Safe and secure file systems require backups to protect against the loss of information. Whether they are paper or digital, it is vital that your backups don’t reside in the same location as your original documents. If you are storing both your original documents and backups on-site at your own facility, you risk a costly loss if there is fire, smoke, temperature/humidity, pest, or water damage. Consider partnering with an off-site records management company to help set up the best backup system for your business.

Paper vs. Digital

The cost of paper and printing can be a big part of your office expense budget. Have you considered operating more digitally than with physical paper? If your office chooses to start thinking and operating more digitally, the cost of paper and ink will decrease. The shift to digital operation can also include the decision to use an off-site records management company for the digital scanning of your files, using their scan-on-demand service. With this service, even though your files are stored remotely, they will still be quickly accessible, with the right dpi, clarity, and size. Plus, you won’t need to invest in the expensive equipment, the space to store it or the staff costs of operation.

A Better Alternative

Partnering with a reputable records management company has a lot of benefits, including being less costly in the long run.

DeVries Business Services provides state-of-the-art file storage and management services that provide a more affordable solution than storing your files on site. We will also help you decrease your paper consumption with scanning and digital storage services. Give us a call at 866-433-4691 or complete the form on this page to arrange for safe and secure off-site file storage services.

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