Answers to the Top 4 Records Storage Questions

Woman with pensive facial expression looking aside while sitting at workplace. Unsure businesswoman thinking about difficult question. Female office worker doubted because of uncertain situationEvery business looks for ways to keep their confidential records secure and increase efficiency. Records storage companies offer solutions for accomplishing both of these things. Here are the answers to the top four records storage questions we’re frequently asked.

Q: Why should I store my documents in a record center?

A: A records center provides long term protection and preservation of your records. It’s solidly constructed with concrete floors, walls and ceilings, so your documents are protected from disasters. Advanced fire detection and prevention technology eliminates fire hazards within the building, while state-of-the-art security systems prevent unauthorized access to your documents and files. Only background-screened records management staff can access the records center; these highly trained professionals index, manage, retrieve and deliver your records inventory.

Q: I have non-standard size records. Can I store them in a records center?

A records center can store every type of document and file, including:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical records
  • Architectural and Engineering drawings

Shelving and specialized storage compartment configurations are tailored to your storage needs. So whether you have building plans in tubes, or x-rays and microfilm, your records are protected and preserved.

Q: How can I be sure my records are available when I need them?

A: Your records are barcoded and scanned for transfer to a records center. The retention information and details of each box and file is added to a records management database that lets you track everything you need to know about your records inventory. Secure, 24/7 online access to your inventory allows you to request your records anytime. The boxes you request are scanned when they leave the records center and are delivered to you, so there’s never any doubt about where your records are at any given time.

Q: What should I look for in a record storage provider?

A: Look for a records storage provider who is experienced, dependable and trustworthy. They should be active in records management trade associations and non-profit organizations. Ask your prospective provider for client references so you can verify their ability to serve businesses like yours.

Locally-owned records storage companies offer distinct advantages over national or global providers. They are operated by individuals who live in your community and partner with other local businesses and organizations on local community initiatives and events. Plus, you’ll have a direct line of communication to an account manager who will understand your unique records storage and management needs.

The answers to these questions will give you the insight you need to ensure your records are safely stored and accessible when you need them.

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