Media Destruction

Are You Leaving Yourself Open to Data Breach When Your Storage Media Dies?

Media DestructionDestroying your data is a critical component of the records management cycle—it helps keep your inventory and records management costs manageable, and reduces your risk of privacy and compliance breach by eliminating the possibility those records could be compromised.

But only if you’re doing it correctly.

Nowadays, Data CAN Be Brought Back From the Dead—Can Yours?

Digital records storage is a great way to reduce the space you need for storage and increase accessibility and security, but just because your records aren’t on paper doesn’t mean you are less responsible for keeping that data confidential. When it’s time to destroy digital records, you need to make sure the data is completely unreadable and totally unavailable FOREVER to keep yourself and your customers safe.

That’s why having a professional handle your media destruction is so important—there are ways to recover data from digital media you may not even be aware of, and data recovery tools are only improving and new tools are constantly being developed to better recover data from damaged media. You need to be certain there will be NO WAY your data can be resurrected and compromised after you dispose of it.

Only Total Destruction = Total Protection. DeVries Does Total Destruction Better Than Anyone.

At DeVries, we know the easiest and most cost-effective ways to completely and securely destroy data stored on all types of media:

  • CDs/DVDs
  • Tapes
  • Microfilm/Microfiche
  • Hard drives/Thumb drives

Whatever the format, when your media is nearing the end of its life, your data needs to be securely transferred elsewhere or obliterated and the media totally destroyed, and we have the specialized knowledge and equipment to do it quickly and completely. AND we’ll document it properly so you have a record for compliance purposes.

Let Us “Do” Total Media Destruction for You!

Our business is built on helping our customers preserve the data they need as long as possible, but the reverse—helping you destroy your worn or end-of-life storage media— is an equally important service we provide. Only with both done right are you fully protected.

Please contact us today to learn more about how our Media Destruction Services can help you ensure your data really IS gone forever!

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