Document Shredding: A Perfect Partner for Global Recycling Day

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Recycling is more than a fleeting moment or a passing thought that occurs when the recycling truck rolls by or when we diligently sort our garbage. It’s a commitment to the planet, a dedication to preserving resources, and an active stance against the environmental challenges we face.

On March 18, 2024, we celebrate Global Recycling Day, a dedicated initiative prompting us to reflect on our disposal habits. This day urges us to ponder questions like, “How can we repurpose discarded items?” and “What positive impact can our choices in disposal have on water, air, and climate?” Embracing recycling not only reduces landfill waste but also saves money, conserves natural resources, and plays a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future.


Front and center in the battle for our planet’s future are the #RecyclingHeroes – individuals who consciously choose to recycle. Whether it’s redirecting newspapers, plastic water bottles, cans, or boxes to the recycling bin, everyone can be a hero in this ongoing effort. Collaborating with a professional shredding company elevates your heroism by ensuring the secure destruction of sensitive paper documents while contributing to the recycling loop. This approach involves not only compliance with privacy laws but also recycling the shredded material, keeping it out of landfills, and reducing the demand for new products from raw materials.

The Paper Predicament

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paper often constitutes over 40% of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfills. This alarming statistic raises concerns about the environmental impact of landfills because they:

  • Contribute to climate change
  • Can cause fires
  • Contaminate soil and water
  • Alter the fauna
  • Reduce usable land and decrease the value of surrounding land
  • Create unpleasant odors

Landfills will persist as a necessity unless we collectively commit to diverting recyclables away from them. The 12.1 trillion sheets of paper consumed annually by US offices not only contribute to landfill overload but also necessitate the felling of 68 million trees yearly to meet paper and paper product demands. Recycling paper becomes paramount to break this cycle, considering that producing one ton of new paper requires 380 gallons of oil and contributes to forest loss, affecting ecosystems, increasing droughts, fires, and heat.

Partnering for a Sustainable Future

Choosing a trustworthy shredding company to confidentially destroy your information is a crucial step in championing sustainability. DeVries’ shredding service ensures compliance with all privacy laws. What sets us apart is our commitment to environmental stewardship. In 2022 alone, we prevented 4.5 million pounds of paper from reaching landfills through recycling. As we approach Global Recycling Day and every day beyond, let’s join forces to protect our planet. Contact DeVries Business Services at 866-433-4691 or complete the form on this page to kickstart our partnership in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

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