Copy of Green Initiatives

At DeVries, we recycle everything we shred because we firmly believe that our actions today shape the world of tomorrow. Our dedication to environmentally-responsible operations is unwavering, and we are continually striving to reduce our ecological footprint.

We were able to recycle 4.5 million pounds of paper in 2022, marking a milestone in our green initiatives and reflecting our commitment to a sustainable and promising future.

In 2022, we recycled 2,250 tons of paper, saving:


cubic yards of landfill space


barrels of oil


kWh of electricity


pounds of greenhouse gases


pounds of air pollutants




gallons of fresh water

We are elated to share the remarkable impact of our recycling endeavors over the past year. Through rigorous recycling practices, we managed to recycle an astounding 2,250 tons of paper. This effort has not only contributed to resource conservation but has also brought about substantial environmental benefits. Here’s a glimpse into the difference we made in 2022:

  • Landfill Space Saved: Our recycling efforts have saved 7,425 cubic yards of landfill space, thereby reducing land and water pollution, and contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment.
  • Oil Conservation: We helped conserve 20,250 barrels of oil, aiding in the reduction of our dependency on non-renewable resources and moving a step closer towards a sustainable energy future.
  • Electricity Savings: By recycling, we saved 1,462,500 kWh of electricity, enough to power hundreds of homes for a year, and demonstrated the incredible energy-saving potential of recycling.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction: Our actions have led to a remarkable reduction of 4,960,395 pounds of greenhouse gases, contributing to the global fight against climate change.
  • Air Quality Improvement: We’ve significantly reduced air pollution by preventing 135,000 pounds of air pollutants, thus promoting better air quality for our community.
  • Tree Conservation: Our paper recycling initiatives have saved 38,250 trees, playing a vital role in conserving biodiversity and maintaining a balanced ecosystem.
  • Fresh Water Conservation: Through our sustainable practices, we have conserved 15,750,000 gallons of fresh water, underlining our commitment to protecting one of the planet’s most precious resources.

At DeVries Inc., we understand the profound impact that corporations can have on the environment. Our achievements in 2022 are merely stepping stones towards our broader goal of nurturing an eco-conscious culture within our organization and inspiring others in our industry to take meaningful action.

Together, let's forge ahead on this green journey, making conscientious choices and creating a legacy of sustainability for the generations to come. Join us as we continue to explore and implement innovative green initiatives, striving for a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and promising tomorrow.