How a File Room Cleanout Can Transform Tax Season

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Spring cleaning isn’t just for your living space—it can also breathe new life into your tax season routine. According to a recent survey by the American Cleaning Institute, cleaning not only improves your mental and physical well-being but also gives you a sense of accomplishment. But while 80% of people prefer to tackle spring cleaning, tax filing isn’t as eagerly anticipated, with only 20% expressing a preference for it.

Preparation Pays Off

Similar to tidying up your home, giving your file room a thorough clean can make a significant difference, especially when it comes to preparing for tax season. Here are some essential tips to help you get started:

  • Shred Securely: Protect your sensitive information from identity thieves by shredding documents instead of simply tossing them in the trash. Shredding ensures that your personal data cannot be reconstructed or misused.
  • Professional Shredding Services: Don’t rely on DIY shredders, as they may not meet the necessary privacy standards. Instead, opt for a secure shredding service. These services use advanced shredding techniques to ensure complete data destruction.
  • Secure Disposal: During your file room cleanout, make sure to have secure disposal methods in place. Utilize collection containers provided by shredding companies to safeguard your documents until they can be properly destroyed.

Essential Cleanout Steps

As you declutter your file room, it’s crucial to differentiate between files that are still active and those that can be disposed of. Establish a clear document retention and destruction schedule to ensure compliance with legal requirements and minimize security risks.

Proper Document Disposal

Dispose of completed tax returns after the required retention period, which is typically three years. The IRS recommends that you keep them for seven years in case of audits or other tax-related issues. Consider digitizing your tax documents for easier storage and access.

Employee records should be retained for at least three years after termination, while payroll and tax records may need to be kept indefinitely. Consult relevant state and federal laws to determine specific retention periods for your business.

Business property records are essential for determining the basis of a sale and calculating gains or losses. Retain these records for seven years beyond the period of property ownership.

Enhance Your Tax Season Experience

By decluttering your file room and implementing proper document disposal practices, you can transform your tax season experience. Say goodbye to the stress of searching through piles of old documents and hello to a more organized and efficient tax preparation process.

Secure Shredding Solutions

Partner with DeVries Business Services to streamline your file room cleanout process. Our NAID AAA Certified shredding services in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Northeast Oregon ensure secure and compliant document disposal. Whether you need a one-time purge or scheduled shredding, we’ve got you covered. Contact DeVries Business Services today by giving us a call at 866-433-4691 or by completing the form on this page.

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