Top 10 Things to Look for in a Shredding Company

A person's hand writing "TOP 10" on the top line of a lined notebook pageIn a recent staff meeting, the topic of annoying sounds came up. Fingernails on a chalkboard, snoring and buzzing mosquitos were some of the quick comments, but surprisingly, the office shredding machine was a common complaint. The constant grind of the machine, attempting to process a few sheets at a time and then jamming at the slightest obstacle, had become a daily annoyance. That conversation started my search for a shredding company that not only minimized those annoying shredding machine sounds but, more importantly, prioritized secure data destruction. This article outlines the top 10 things I looked for in a shredding company to ensure a good partnership.

1. Shredding Service Options

One of the first questions asked was, which is better—on-site shredding or off-site shredding? Both options serve a useful purpose and are conveniently secure, so instead of deciding which option was best for us, we realized that a company that offered both was the right choice.

2. Shred Collection Containers

Addressing data security gaps between discarding a document and its actual shredding is crucial. Let’s face it, no one shreds every single page when they are finished with it, and thank goodness, or we would constantly be listening to the shredding machine grind. Securely locked collection containers are the perfect solution to possible security gaps. Documents can be quietly dropped in before they are taken away by a shred technician. Most professional shredding companies offer different sizes and styles of containers.

3. Media Destruction

The sound of a shredder tearing through paper is bad enough, but the sound of crunching through CDs is much worse. A bigger problem was what to do with hard drives, thumb drives, and any kind of electronic storage devices when we were finished with them. Leaving them in a storage closet was not an option, so it was valuable for us to find a shredding company that offered hard drive and media shredding, too.

4. Scheduled and Drop-Off Shredding Options

Flexibility and consistency are both important to our company. That’s why we looked for a shredding company that could provide the consistency of a scheduled shredding service and also gave the option of adding a special one-time shredding purge when we did a spring cleanout. And for those who find it more convenient to transport their documents on their own schedule, drop-off shredding service is a great option.

5. NAID AAA Certification

Adherence to strict industry standards was a non-negotiable for us, so choosing a NAID AAA certified shredding company became a necessity. The International Secure Information Governance & Management Association (i-SIGMA) uses accredited security professionals and surprise audits to ensure that any AAA Certified company we partner complies with the stringent legal and ethical requirements set forth by i-SIGMA.

6. Certificate of Destruction

Since compliance was high on our priority list, it was vital that we found a company that provided a Certificate of Destruction for all shredded data, including various media formats. This proof of destruction is crucial for legal protection and privacy law adherence.

7. Recycling

We are committed to recycling so choosing a shredding company with the same environmental values was a deliberate choice. Knowing that 100% of our shredded paper is being recycled, we feel good knowing we are contributing to a sustainable future.

8. Training

Without a doubt, finding a shredding company that performed background checks and provided thorough training for their shred technicians was essential. This ensured our confidence in their ability to handle our sensitive information. We also looked for a partner who could extend their expertise by providing compliance training for our staff. This training ensured a cohesive understanding within our business and an alignment with our shredding partner.

9. Combined Records Management Services

While finding a shredding company was our top priority, finding a company that also offered other document management services such as records management, document scanning and other business services was a great benefit.

10. Local

We love to support local businesses because it helps our community thrive. We’ve found that local businesses often provide exceptional service compared to large national or worldwide organizations, so promoting local enterprises aligns with our needs as well.

DeVries Business Services provides NAID AAA Certified shredding along with a wide range of other business services. With over 25 years of service in Washington State, our family-owned business stands committed to secure, compliant, and efficient shredding. For more information or a free quote, simply give us a call at 706-724-7982 or complete the form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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